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Public patients

Accounts issued by the Oral Health Centre to public patients are based on a schedule issued by the Commonwealth Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA). The DVA schedule details the price of specific items of treatment and is adjusted on a regular basis.

The fee schedule applied by the Oral Health Centre is the same as that applying to other providers in the Western Australian public dental system.

Income support patients

Income support patients are charged 80% of the designated fee from the DVA schedule. This is a substantial reduction on the fees charged by most private dentists.

The Oral Health Centre’s patients include people of all ages and from a diverse range of backgrounds.

All patients can choose to be treated by qualified dentists, but many elect to support the University’s dental training program by agreeing to supervised student treatment.

The Centre strives to accommodate the many needs and circumstances of all of its patients by providing facilities that are easily accessible by both fully able and disabled patients, by using the most modern and technologically advanced materials and equipment, and by offering flexibility regarding appointment times.

Patient rights and responsibilities

The rights and responsibilities of patients treated at the Oral Health Centre are laid out in the Patient Charter. This Charter has been developed with consumer input and is designed to protect the rights of patients, while also having regard for the rights of staff and students.

All existing and prospective patients are encouraged to consult and abide by the Charter and to take advantage of the rights it conveys.

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Waiting lists

There are waiting lists for most forms of treatment offered at the Oral Health Centre. This is because there are more patients requiring treatment than the Centre is able to treat.

Other than for emergency appointments, patients are treated strictly in accordance with when they were placed on the relevant waiting list.

Patients on waiting lists are asked to understand and accept that the Centre must be fair to all patients. This means that we are unable to treat someone before another patient who is ahead of them on the waiting list.

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The Oral Health Centre is deeply committed to protecting patient privacy. The security and confidentiality of personal and medical information that patients provide and the Centre records in treating any patient are strongly protected.

A privacy policy has been established to govern the management of patient information, and to ensure that all such information is used only for the purposes for which it was provided.

Any patient with a complaint relating to privacy issues can notify the Centre. All complaints will be investigated.

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The Oral Health Centre strives to provide the highest quality services to its patients. In order to achieve this, it is important that we hear the opinions of patients about their experiences at the Centre.

All reception desks at the Centre stock Patient Satisfaction Survey forms, and all patients are encouraged to complete a form after their dental appointment. These forms do not require the provision of your name, but anyone wishing to provide their name will receive a personal response to their comments.

All comments, whether critical or complimentary, are treated seriously.

Patients who wish to be sent a Patient Satisfaction Survey form can do so by telephoning the Centre’s Manager of Patient Services, Ms Angela Clark, on (+61 8) 6457 7645, or by submitting a request.

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