UWA Dental School

Potential patients

More than 220 student dentists are currently studying through the Oral Health Centre.

As part of their training, they undertake dental treatment on suitable patients. All treatment provided by students is closely supervised by highly skilled academic staff and clinical tutors.

Treatment by students

The Centre is often looking for additional people willing to receive their dental treatment from dental students. In the first instance, potential patients must:

  • be the holders of a current Healthcare or Pensioner Concession card
  • be available for regular weekly appointments on an ongoing basis
  • be medically fit to receive routine dental treatment
  • be sufficiently fluent in English to enable communication and give informed consent to treatment (although there are bilingual dental students able to communicate with some non-English speaking patients)
  • be able to cope with the extended treatment time needed by students (appointments can be up to three hours long)
  • require specific treatment which is included in the teaching program in each clinical discipline
  • be able to travel to the Centre for treatment.

Anyone who believes they are eligible for public dental treatment and would like to be considered for student patient status at the Centre should contact us.