UWA Dental School

The Oral Health Centre


The Oral Health Centre, a state-of-the-art dental teaching and learning facility united with an oral health care clinic, is the only institution in WA offering tertiary training in dentistry.

Dental education programs include formal tertiary and technical education courses delivered by UWA, Curtin University of Technology and the North Metropolitan TAFE.

The Oral Health Centre is first and foremost a teaching facility, and its contract with the Government to provide dental services to eligible members of the public ensures that students have access to a suitable pool of patients to develop the necessary skills and aptitudes of oral health practitioners.

Students learn either by treating patients under close supervision by highly experienced and skilled tutors, or by observing general and specialist dentists treating a wide range of dental conditions.

The Dental School believes that students learn best when teaching and learning methods focus on student-centred approaches whenever possible. Students develop a broad base of knowledge, multi-faceted experiences and the ability to think critically and apply knowledge to solve problems through the use of problem-based clinical situations, computer activities, lecture and self-directed learning programs. 

The Oral Health Centre of Western Australia provides modern clinical facilities, laboratories with state of the art equipment, clinical teaching and computing facilities, as well as access to the broader facilities of UWA.

Conference and Teaching Facilities

A number of teaching and clinical facilities are available for hire from Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays) during normal business hours with the exception of the OHCWA Lecture Theatre which is also available after hours. 

Teaching facilities include a 100-seat lecture theatre, lecture rooms ranging in capacity from 10 to 50-seat capacity, and a high specification computer laboratory (Virtual Learning Centre) that accommodates 56 people.

Specific training in dental procedures is facilitated by two prosthetics laboratories (25 and 56-seat capacity), a dental simulation laboratory, a virtual simulation laboratory (14 MOOG Simodonts) and several demonstration rooms with dental chairs and full dental facilities.

All rooms have sophisticated audio-visual capacity, including digital data projectors, and some are equipped with cameras and television monitors.

Enquiries regarding the hire of any of the Centre’s facilities should be directed to General Manager