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The Program is committed to undertake research in the broad fields of Implant Dentistry and Periodontics. Research aims at increasing knowledge in the etiopathogenesis, immunopathology, diagnosis and treatment of peri-implant and periodontal diseases. Special emphasis is placed on the study of innovative procedures and biomaterials in oral implantology.

Oral Implantology and Periodontics

Program leader: Associate Professor Alessandro Quaranta

Program members:  Dr Julio Rincon, Dr Kate Shearston, Dr Victor Matsubara

HDR Postgraduate students: Nil
DClinDent students : Dr Rachel Chye, Dr Eman Elhassan, Dr Samy Francis, Dr Nishith Bhargava
DMD students: Dina Celebic, Zi Lin Sun, Anthony Giummarra, Keenan Inderjeeth, Samuel Loo, Alex Ong, Karen Kim, Reezan Yosuf, Bojan Sevo, Daniel Zhang, Andrew Liang, Jonathan Wang.

Collaborators: Professor Adriano Piattelli (Universita’ PG. D’Annunzio”, Chieti, Italy), Professor Antonio Barone (University of Geneve, Switzerland), Professor Ugo Covani (Universita’ di Pisa, Italy), Professor Maurizio Procaccini (Universita’Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona, Italy), Prof. Anna Maria Vestri (University of Rome “La Sapienza, Italy), Dr Andrew Tawse-Smith (University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand), Associate Professor Jonathan Leichter (University of Otago, New Zealand), Dr Orlando D’Isidoro (Private Practice, Silvi Marina, Italy).

Industry Partners: Nil

Research Program Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Research Program are:

  • Understand in detail the etiopathogenesis and immunopathology of peri-implant diseases including the investigation of different risk factors and indicators
  • Assess clinical procedures and devices to treat periodontal and peri-implant infections
  • Investigate in vitro, pre-clinical and clinical conditions different biomaterials for periodontal, bone augmentative and implant surgical procedures
  • Undertake preclinical and clinical studies on procedures and materials that can improve success and survival rates of implant-supported restorations.

Research Program Summary

The Oral Implantology and Periodontics Research Program focuses on leading edge clinical and translational research on Implant Dentistry and Periodontal Disease.

Within the area of Oral Implantology the Research Group concentrates on:

  • Biomaterials and regenerative therapies
  • Etiopathogenesis, immunopathology and treatment of peri-implant infections
  • Clinical procedures in implant dentistry

The study of biomaterials and regenerative therapies has been concentrated on the use of xenografts in socket preservation procedures and alveolar bone augmentative procedures. These bone substitutes have been assessed in terms of clinical performance, histological results and tridimensional remodelling pattern.

Research on biological complications of dental implants has so far been conducted to investigate different devices and agents to decontaminate implant surfaces, the clinical and microbiological performance of laser micro-grooved collar implants and the impact of risk factors on the onset of peri-implant diseases.

Within the area of Periodontology, research members are investigating the use of different professional and home hygiene devices to prevent and treat periodontal diseases. In vitro and randomised clinical studies have been recently concluded. Additional research on the effect of periodontal therapy on the reduction of systemic inflammatory markers has been carried out and will be expanded.

Current Research Projects 

  • Clinical, radiographic and histological assessment of different xenografts in pre-implant and implant surgical procedures
  • Clinical, radiographic and microbiological evaluation of laser micro-grooved collar dental implants
  • Clinical protocols in Implant Dentistry
  • Pre-clinical and clinical assessment of professional and home devices in the initial phase of periodontal therapy
  • Systematic reviews on risk factors for biological complications of dental implants