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The program is tailored to meet the major oral health-related needs of children, adolescence, and individuals with special health care needs. It facilitates multi-disciplinary research opportunities while encouraging innovation and critical thinking to provide accessible, affordable, and appropriate solutions to existing clinical problems and conventional treatment approaches in paediatric dentistry. 

Paediatric Oral Health

Program leader: Associate Professor Robert Anthonappa

Program members: Professor Nigel M. King, Dr. Sobia Zafar

HDR Postgraduate students: Dr Chaturi Neboda
DClinDent Students: Dr Jilen Patel, Dr Lisa Bowdin, Dr Gregory Celine, Dr Nandika Manchanda, Dr Anna Buckeridge, Dr Vanessa Cho.
BDSc (Hons): Dr Sundar Varadharajan
Graduate Research Officer: Dr Alex Park
DMD Students: Sanjana Mehta, Mazvita Mataranyika, Sarmah Nayeem, Peter Terzi, Kent Boon, David Duan, Matthew Lun Jie Tan, Amanda Xin Yun Chee, Sambavi Kugananthan, Tina Nguyen, Jasmine Li , Saul Todres, Nafiz Chowdhury, Agnes Tan, Shi Yun Tan, Andrew Yang, Ashlee Bence, Emily Grant, Daniel Bontempo, Sarah Snell, Peter Tang, Lim Yi Yang Janice, Kathy Yu, Kevin Rungrugeecharoen, Eleanor (Ellie) Knight, Lyndon Pericles Abbott, David McConnell, Georgia Charleson

Prof. Luc Martens (Paediatric Dentistry, University of Ghent Belgium), Prof. Cynthia Yiu (Paediatric Dentistry, University of Hong Kong), Professor Helen Leonard (Child disability Research, Telethon Kids Institute), Dr. Jenny Downs (Child disability Research, Telethon Kids Institute), Prof. Coleman McGrath (Public Health, University of Hong Kong), Prof. Andrew Whitehouse (Developmental Disorders Research, Telethon Kids Institute), Prof. Wey Mang Chek (Orthodontics, University of Malaya), Assoc. Prof. Pam Nichol (School of Paediatrics, University of Western Australia), Dr. Peter Arrow (WA Dental Health Service), Assoc. Prof. Gloria Wong (Paediatric Dentistry, University of Hong Kong), Assist. Prof. Manikandan Ekambaram (Paediatric Dentistry, University of Hong Kong, Assist. Prof.James Choi (Dental Materials, University of Hong Kong), Dr. Sarah Cherian (School of Paediatrics, University of Western Australia), Cochrane Collaboration

Industry Partners: Colgate, Septodont

Research Program Objectives

The major aim of the program is to achieve excellence in paediatric oral health-related research and provide training.

Some of the current project aims are to:

  • assess the oral health-related needs in children, especially in the marginalized population groups, assess their oral health-related quality of life changes and develop novel treatment approaches 
  • identify genetic risk factors responsible for craniofacial anomalies in children, and
  • critically evaluate the existing restorative materials and treatment approaches in paediatric dentistry and develop new functionally-graded restorative materials

Research Program Summary

Current research of the group focuses on cariology in children, oral health-related quality of life (OHRQoL) changes, restorative materials, dentine adhesives, identification of genetic risk factors for dental and craniofacial anomalies, developmental defects of dental tissues, and evidence-based evaluation of the current treatment approaches in paediatric dentistry. Furthermore, novel approaches for caries management and hypomineralised first permanent molars are also being trialled.

Current Research Projects 

  • Effect of deproteinization on bonding to enamel with molar incisor hypomineralization
  • Oral manifestations and barriers to provision of oral care to individuals with Rett Syndrome
  • Silver diamine fluoride of varying concentrations in hypomineralised/hypoplastic first permanent molars In vitro
  • Novel approach in managing dental caries in high risk populations in Western Australia
  • Characteristics of BiodentineTM as a fissure sealant: In vitro
  • Identification of the genetic aberrations of non-syndromic supernumerary teeth
  • Optimum time for the extraction of first permanent molars
  • Longevity of fissure sealant materials: In vitro
  • Autism Dental Detectives – App based Project: Improving oral health of children with autism